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this is not claire. [Jul. 17th, 2008|07:40 pm]

Originally uploaded by ommieohmy
this morning i went over to my aunt's (next door) and on my way back i spotted claire outside on the side of the house. i thought she chewed her way out of a screen again so i called her over and she ran to the front yard. i caught up to her and she turned around and awwww, it was a cute little claire look-alike! i asked if she was here to play with claire and she meowed. i thought for a second claire made friends. this kitty ran over to me and rolled on the ground - her way of asking for her tummy to be rubbed. of course i obliged but sadly felt her little ribs. i ran inside to get some food and water and put it out on the porch. she scarfed it down. queen claire must have been awoken from her seventeenth million nap of the morning because as i sat down watching kitty eat, i heard growling and hissing from behind the screen door. kitty looked up and walked over until the growling was unbearable. i had to leave but left the food out in hopes that she'd come back. anyhow, just now i took all these photos of her. much to my delight she came back! i attempted to introduce her to claire (see other photos) but claire was not having it and chased her out of the lawn. i started to call her cleo after riff-raff''s girlfriend (heathcliff cartoon) but the hard "c" will piss claire off even more. so i'm calling her maggie after the stephen crane novella "maggie: girl of the streets."

claire is mad at me now. i tried to pick her up after maggie left and she hissed at me and walked away. if she keeps it up i'm going to do the ol' switcheroo and give her the boot.

[User Picture]From: micha_23
2008-07-18 07:53 pm (UTC)
i want to keep her, at least outdoors so she can get some food in that little belly but i guess it's all up to her. i keep looking outside to see if she's back. i left a bowl of food outside on the porch last night, by morning it was gone. i at least want her to come back so that i can get her spayed. it would kill me to see little kittens running around knowing i could have stopped it. =(

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