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bah. [Oct. 29th, 2008|07:51 pm]
watching fox news makes me want to throw up. it's such bullshit.  we've been glued to the tube all day watching these conservative assholes blatantly slam obama and cry that the media is biased.  fox news is depressing.  i'd hate to see these bastards celebrating on tuesday night.  it can't happen... if it does todd and i are leaving the planet.


a house down the block has a yes on 8 sign up.  it makes me sick. their whole campaign makes me want to vomit in my mouth.  the little kids holding hands on the signs and the "yes on family" bullshit is disgusting.  todd and i were at a red light at a major intersection in east la today when a man approached our window wearing a yes on 8 sign.  he attempted to give us a pamphlet and i told todd to tell him to fuck off.  todd said, "no thank you" but i really wish he would have said "fuck off."  it's bullshit. it's disgusting. it's hate.  i posted up my no on 8 sign a few days ago and had to rethink how close to the sidewalk i placed it.  i ended up posting it up on the house for fear that some idiot would walk by and rip it down.  why are people so dumb? why? why!!


5 more days of nail biting.  now, it's obama infomercial time. yeahuh!